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Sponsoring a Study with Teva Pharmaceuticals

Being involved in a clinical research study can be a positive experience offering an opportunity to learn more about a particular drug or disease state, become exposed to new medical therapies, and provide additional options or alternative treatments for your patient population.

With the Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) Program, you can submit your own proposal and explore a treatment and patient population that may satisfy your own professional interest, as well as contribute to the medical community at large.

By sponsoring a study, you can:

  • Explore new treatments and contribute to important medical research
  • Take a more active role in new agent development
  • Provide access to new, potentially beneficial research treatments
  • Publish your findings and further your involvement in the medical community


Email Address:

Example: user@yourdomain.com


In order to expedite your proposal review, we request that all submissions are in English.